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rvm micromeccanica inverigo


CAD machining and programming allow for the automatic processing, assisted by special software, of a three-dimensional model of any object to be created. It is immediately evident that, in the case of micromechanics, this type of automatic design can take on a very important meaning, to the point that, by now, anyone working in this sector cannot afford not to always be up to date with the latest advances in information technology.

• hydraulic and pneumatic sector

• molds and micro-gears sector

• measuring instruments sector


Each product is the result of a design elaboration, made to measure according to the customer's needs.


RVM micromeccanica srl is a company specialized in the production of mechanical micro-components for various sectors, including the hydraulic one, that of moulds, measuring instruments and various others. The element that makes it competitive on the market is its great ability in designing components using CAD software, an activity that allows it to support the customer, working in synergy with him, right from the initial phase of the work.


Naturally, it has the latest generation of numerically controlled work machines, capable of putting into practice the projects created using CAD with infinitesimal precision. RVM carries out strict quality controls and has internationally recognized ISO certification.

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