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rvm micromeccanica inverigo


Turning is one of the most essential mechanical processes, used in various industrial sectors since its origins, and even earlier known in the field of craftsmanship. It is about giving a specific shape to a workpiece by removing the chip, i.e. the excess material with respect to the result to be obtained. This removal is performed with a cutting tool to which a rectilinear motion is transmitted, while the piece being worked on is set in rotary motion.


If once it was an operation completely entrusted to the skill of the workforce, today lathes are machines equipped with extremely advanced technologies, which allow the creation of very complex components in a completely automatic way, with the guidance of special software that follows the of projects composed with CAD-type electronic drawing programs.


It is no coincidence that turning with CNC (or numerically controlled, i.e. software-driven) machining centers is one of the main processes performed by RVM, a company specializing in the production of precision mechanical micro-components.

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