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The continuous commitment to guarantee effective production solutions has led RVM to equip itself with increasingly modern and high-performance machinery.

To date the company has:
• CNC sliding head lathes with bar passage up to Ø1 mm to Ø32 mm
• CNC lathes for hard turning machining
• Lathes for manual shooting
• Generation hobbing machines - module from a minimum of 0.07 mm to a maximum of 1.0 mm
• Centerless grinding
• CNC grinding for internal and external
• Surface lapping machine
• Hole lapping machine
• Stone
• Shot peening machines
• Tumblers
• Brushing machines
• High frequency induction hardening
• Solvent-based ultrasonic parts cleaner
• Ultrasonic parts cleaner with modified alcohols
• Ultrasonic alkaline parts cleaner

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