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Precision turning

Turning is one of the most essential machining processes, that has been used in various industries from the very beginning, and even before then, it was known to be used in the craft industry. It gives a product a certain form by removing the chips, or excess material in order to achieve the intended result. This removal is carried out using a cutting tool which moves linearly, while the piece that is being worked on is rotated.

A computerised precision turning

Where this was once an operation that was completely entrusted to the skills of the workers, these days lathe machines are equipped with highly advanced technologies, which allow you to produce very complex components in a completely automatic manner. They do this with the guidance of specific software that follows the lines of the project that has been created with the CAD electronic design programme.


CNC lathes

It is not surprising that turning using CNC lathes (or numerically controlled lathes, i.e. those that are guided by a programme) is one of the main processes carried out by RVM, the Inverigo-based company (in the province of Como), who specialise in producing precision mechanical micro components.

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