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Dental implants and titanium components in como

RVM micromeccanica srl is a company in Como specialised in the production of high precision mechanics and small parts, such as screws, cutters, taps, dental implants and titanium components for the biomedical sector. All the components created in the Como plant stand out for the extreme precision and quality of the raw materials. Moreover, the team of experts is continuously educated so they are up to date, along with continuous updates to our company's machinery.

Contact the Como preventive office to present your project and request information on dental implants and components for the biomedical sector.



RVM in Como is a leading manufacturer of dental implants and dental implant components. Generally, dental implants are made of pure titanium. This material is bio-compatible and integrates perfectly with bone and gum cells, following a process called "osseointegration". Dental implants and related components designed by RVM are practically hypoallergenic, for optimal absorption and to avoid tissue rejection and inflammation. Furthermore, the components are not limited to use in the field of dental implantology, but also in other medical implants, such as hip prosthesis.
In Como, custom-made components are produced for specific requests, using the best technologies in precision mechanics and safe and guaranteed materials.



RVM in Como serves the medical and biomedical sector not only with the production of dental implants and components, but also creates surgical instruments in special, tempered and polished steel. We are also dealing with high-precision items, custom-made for the customer's requests with selected materials among the best available on the market.

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