Via Valsorda, 12 - 22044 Inverigo (CO)

Telefono: +39 031 763407

Email: info@rvmmicromeccanica.eu

​P.iva: 00903900132


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Watchmaking industry

The gears and components for watches are another of RVM's ​​area of production. The company in Como, also manufactures bespoke and customised products, whilst always ensuring a professional service and high-quality products.

Some of the precision components and micro gears available are:

• crowns
• pushers
• buttons
• spring bars
• screws

RVM micromeccanica s.r.l. is a company based in Inverigo, in the province of Como, which has specialised in the field of precision micromechanics for years.

The company has acquired a ISO 9001: 2015 certification and offers a planning and design service which uses CAD programmes to manufacture new and customised components. The Company also employs skilled workers and highly experienced designers.

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