Via Valsorda, 12 - 22044 Inverigo (CO)

Telefono: +39 031 763407

Email: info@rvmmicromeccanica.eu

​P.iva: 00903900132


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Components and gears

RVM micromeccanica s.r.l. develops and manufactures cutting-edge products which are suited to all needs and areas of micromechanics. The company has been a reference point for small and large companies who use precision mechanical components in the province of Como for many years now.




All our products can be designed from scratch, together with the customer's input. We serve the following industries:

• biomedical and medical
• sanitation
• pneumatic and hydraulic
• moulding
• measuring instruments



This list provides a few examples of our products and services:

• metal lapping
• grinding
• producing custom-designed components
• turning
• CAD/ CAM processing and programming
• pinions for scales
• racks for scales
• bearings for scales
• micro gear teeth from 0.07 mm up to a maximum of 1 mm
• Heat treatment of AISI-420 Grade Martensitic Stainless Steel
• deep hole drilling of diameters starting from 0.80 mm
• turning using CNC sliding head lathes (with maximum diameters of 32 mm)
• induction hardening

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