Our precision engineering workshop specialises in manufacturing precision micromechanical components. We produce hardware items and components that can then be used in various industries, such as:


hydraulic and pneumatic industry

• medical and biomedical industry

moulding and micro gear industry

• measuring instruments industry


Each product is the result of a design elaboration which is tailored to the customers' requirements.

engineering workshop

CNC areas of application

Some of the industries that use precision micro gears are the hydraulic, biomedical, moulding and gears industry, as well as the measuring instruments industry.



RVM snc is a company based in Inverigo, in the province of Como. We produce precision micro gears for all specialist applications and it is these activities that have allowed us to collaborate with customers in Italy and abroad.

Here is a short list of some of the work that we have carried out:


• micro gear teeth from 0.07 to a maximum of 1 mm

• deep hole drilling of diameters starting from 0.80 mm

• induction hardening

• heat treatment of AISI-420 Grade Martensitic Stainless Steel

• turning using CNC sliding head lathes (with maximum diameters of 32 mm)

• producing custom-designed components

• lapping the inner and outer diameter of metals

• CAD / CAM processing and programming

• grinding

• polishing and tumbling



For more information on the lead times and services available, a page of this website has been dedicated to contacting us.

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