CAD processing and CAD programming, enable us automatically develop a three-dimensional model of any object that we would like to produce, with the help of specific software. It became immediately clear that when dealing with micromechanics, this type of automatic design plays a very important role, due to the fact that by now, nobody in this industry can afford to not keep up to date with the latest advances in computer technology.

CAD programming

Micro components for precision mechanics

RVM di Fabiano Vitali & C. snc is an Inverigo-based company, in the province of Como, that specialises in the production of mechanical micro components for various industries, including the medical, biomedical, hydraulic and measuring instrument industries, among others. What makes us competitive on the market is our great skill in designing components using CAD software. These are activities which allow us to support our customers and work together with them right from the initial stage of the project.

Numerical control workstations

Naturally we have the latest generation CNC machines, which allow us to produce the projects designed by the CAD programme with infinitesimal precision. RVM carries out strict quality controls and has an internationally recognised ISO certification.

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