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Racks and bearings for scales

Racks are linear mechanical component gears, which are used in pairs with a gear wheel to form a gear, have always been used to change the motion from rotary to linear and vice versa. It is a very simple yet fundamental function, which has always been used in various mechanic industries.

Mechanical micro components for scales

RVM micromeccanica s.r.l. produces very small racks that are used inside scales, and also bearings which are used for the same function. The latter however are used to limit the friction between the two components that are moving in a reciprocal motion to one another (for example, two circular elements that are rotating one inside the other). The Company is based in Inverigo, in the province of Como, but has customers throughout Italy and abroad.


High precision machinery

In addition to the racks and bearings for scales, we also produce precision mechanical micro components to the customer's specific design, by using numerical control workstations, i.e. we can automatically follow the lines of the project that have been designed by the CAD programme, with the help of a specific programme.

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